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Lakshmi face serums are the key to hydrated, illuminated, and wrinkle-free skin. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and vitamins, they fight signs of aging and deeply nourish the skin. You will find the perfect face serum for every skin type, for daily care.

    10 products

    What are face serums

    Facial serums are cosmetic formulations with a high concentration of active ingredients. Compared to creams, serums have a lighter texture and penetrate deeper into the skin, offering quick and visible results.

    Difference with face creams

    Facial creams have a thicker consistency and are mainly intended to moisturize the epidermis. Serums, on the other hand, act more in depth, treating specific problems such as wrinkles, oily skin, or acne.

    Which face serum to choose

    The choice of facial serum depends on the specific needs of your skin. If you're looking for an anti-aging effect, anti-wrinkle serums, enriched with antioxidants and collagen, can help plump and smooth your skin. For oily or acne-prone skin, a serum with niacinamide can regulate sebum production and calm inflammation. A hydrating serum, rich in hyaluronic acid, is perfect for keeping skin elastic and hydrated.

    How and when to use facial serum

    The face serum is applied after cleansing and before the face cream. A small amount is enough for the face and neck. It can be used both in the morning and in the evening, according to the needs of your skin. Always remember to apply the serum to clean, dry skin to maximize the absorption of the active ingredients.

    Remember, facial care is a ritual that requires consistency. With regular use, facial serums can help keep your skin glowing, youthful and beautiful.

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