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Reveal the secret to a sculpted and toned face with Lakshmi's Diamond contouring products. Our natural products, a serum and a cream, work synergistically to counteract skin sagging and restore the original shape of the face. Thanks to Commipheroline and RonaFlairยฎ Flawless, your face will regain brightness and volume. Try our Diamond Ritual: a real beauty palette to keep your contours toned and slow down the effects of aging.

    Are Diamond contouring products for you?

    The physiological change in the skin, over the years, leads to a loss of tone and sagging skin. This loss of tone can also occur at a young age, starting from the age of 35. Several factors can cause tissue sagging, including stress, age and hormones. This happens when the skin begins to produce less collagen and elastin, reducing its firmness. The oval of the face loses its original shape, the tissues become 'softer' and show signs of sagging. Lakshmi has developed a holistic and natural treatment that redesigns the contours of the face, inspired by the perfect shape of the diamond. This treatment uses Diamond contouring products.

    The Diamond Ritual

    The Diamond Ritual is a one-of-a-kind program of contouring products. These products reach where others cannot, increasing the volume of the face to combat sagging and sagging, re-establishing the original shape of the face. The ritual includes two products: a serum, which acts as a natural filler to help restore the original volume of the young oval, and a contouring cream that sculpts the face like a diamond, maintaining its tone. Diamond contouring products are based on the synergistic action of two patented and certified active ingredients: Commipheroline, extracted from the Mukul plant, and RonaFlairยฎ Flawless. The latter, thanks to its natural mineral powders, makes the face instantly brighter, giving a matt effect. To keep contours toned and counteract the effects of aging, slowing them down, it is essential to follow this extraordinary intensive treatment in a cyclical manner with Diamond contouring products.

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