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Lakshmi's face cleansers are formulated to meet the needs of all skin types. Whether you have dry skin that requires hydration, or oily skin that needs deep cleansing, our products will ensure you have a clean, hydrated, and impurity-free face.

    How to choose the best facial cleanser

    Choosing the right facial cleanser is essential to keeping your facial skin healthy and glowing. First of all, it is important to know your skin type: dry, oily, sensitive or acne-prone. Based on this, you will choose a more or less hydrating, purifying or delicate product. For example, for oily skin, a cleansing gel may be ideal for removing impurities and purifying pores.

    What do you use to cleanse your face

    To cleanse your face effectively, you need to use a cleanser suited to your skin type. Lakshmi facial cleansers are formulated with natural and organic ingredients, capable of deep cleansing without attacking the skin. Cleansing gel is particularly suitable for oily skin, while a mousse or creamy cleanser is more suitable for dry or sensitive skin. Always remember to remove make-up before cleansing, for an optimal result.

    When to use a facial cleanser

    Facial cleanser should be used daily, preferably morning and evening. It is essential for removing impurities accumulated during the day and preparing the skin for other treatments, such as hydration. Remember that facial cleansing is the first step to healthy and glowing skin.

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