Soft cellulite remedies: Garshan Tonic

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Are you looking for a remedy for soft cellulite? Lakshmi offers you the Garshan Tonic ritual, a solution that specifically targets this condition. Thanks to its detoxifying and oxygenating action, it improves the elasticity and tone of the skin tissue, leading to an increase in metabolic exchanges. The result? Smoother and firmer skin.


    Noticeable orange peel skin? Not really very young? Or does the weight go up and down? Appearance of the skin to"quilt", rather generalized and especially on the inside of the thighs and arms? Is the skin tissue relaxed? Is the pain on palpation quite severe? Are the cellulite areas very visible? Soft and sclerotic cellulite is the most common form and affects a greater number of subjects.


    An intense feeling of well-being and effectiveness; the specific action on soft and sclerotic cellulite allows an improvement in the elasticity and tone of the tissue which is smoother and more compact already after the first treatments; the detoxifying and oxygenating activity of Garshan Tonic products brings nourishment and hydration to the skin and leads to an increase in metabolic exchanges, visibly improving the skin texture.

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