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Anti-aging by Lakshmi is the Time Reverse Ritual that offers biological active ingredients that aging skin needs. Antiage is indicated not only for rejuvenating the skin tissue or for slowing down the aging process (both natural and accelerated by stress and hectic life): it also acts as a preventive treatment. This is why it is a Ritual designed for women, whose different combination of products adapts to each of its evolutionary phases.

    11 products

    The power of anti-aging facial treatments

    Our Anti-aging Ritual goes beyond a simple facial treatment. The creams and products that compose it are designed to act on wrinkles, improving collagen production and skin elasticity.

    The benefits of hyaluronic acid and collagen

    Hyaluronic acid, a key ingredient in our creams, has the task of hydrating and smoothing the skin, combating blemishes and signs of aging. This ingredient, together with collagen, stimulates the production of new skin cells, making the skin more elastic and toned.

    A ritual for every stage of life

    Lakshmi's Anti-Aging Ritual is designed to adapt to the different stages of the skin's life. From prevention for skin up to the age of 40, to nourishment for skin after 40, up to restructuring for skin over 50. Our ritual works in synergy with your skin to guarantee an always young and well-groomed appearance.

    Prevention and treatment

    Our treatments not only act on existing wrinkles, but also work as a preventative treatment. The skin is exposed to stress and pollution on a daily basis, elements that can accelerate the aging process. With our products, you can protect your skin, maintaining its natural beauty and youth.

    The value of natural products

    Using natural and organic products, Lakshmi's Anti-aging Ritual respects your skin and the environment. Our products contain active ingredients that the skin needs to nourish and regenerate the skin tissue in a natural and delicate way. Discover the difference in Lakshmi anti-aging facial treatments and revolutionize your beauty routine.

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