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Lakshmi hydrolates are a collection of natural cosmetics, obtained through steam distillation. Moisturizing, aromatic, and refreshing, they offer your skin the best that nature has to offer. Each hydrolate preserves the properties of the essential oil from which it derives, in a more delicate and versatile hydrosoluble form.

    15 products

    What are hydrosols

    Hydrosols are natural products obtained from the steam distillation of aromatic plants. Specifically, they are the water that remains after an essential oil has been extracted from the plant. This water contains the beneficial properties of the essential oil, in a more delicate and water-soluble form.

    What are hydrolates used for?

    Hydrosols are powerful allies for skin care. Thanks to their hydrating and refreshing properties, they can be used as tonics, lotions or perfumed waters. Each hydrosol has specific properties, depending on the plant from which it derives.

    How to use hydrosols

    Hydrosols can be used in many ways. They can be sprayed directly onto the skin, to refresh and hydrate it, or they can be added to creams and lotions. Furthermore, they can be used as a base for beauty masks or as water to dilute clays and powders. Always remember to store hydrolates in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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