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Lakshmi face scrubs are powerful exfoliants, capable of removing impurities and toxins for purified skin. Renew your skin, helping it to breathe and reveal its natural beauty.

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    Benefits of facial scrub

    Lakshmi facial scrub is an essential skincare product. It helps remove dead cells, smoothes the skin, purifies pores and prepares the face for further beauty treatments

    How to do a facial scrub

    Applying a face scrub has never been easier. Simply apply a small amount of product to the face, avoiding the eye area, and massage gently with circular movements. Then rinse with warm water. This helps remove impurities and dead cells, leaving your skin smooth and glowing.

    When and how often to scrub your face

    How often to use the facial scrub depends on your skin type. For oily skin, it can be used up to twice a week, while for dry or sensitive skin, once a week may be sufficient. Always remember to moisturize your skin after each scrub to maintain adequate hydration.

    Facial scrub for oily skin

    Lakshmi facial scrub is especially effective for oily skin. Helps remove excess sebum, purify pores and prevent the formation of blackheads.

    Facial scrub for dry skin

    For dry skin, facial scrub can be a real panacea. It removes dead cells and impurities, stimulates cell turnover and prepares the skin to receive hydrating treatments, making the skin softer and brighter.

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