Cookie policy


Cookies are small files that are saved on your device and that store specific settings and data for the exchange with our system through your browser. There are 2 types of cookies: so-called session-cookies, which are deleted as soon as you close your browser and temporary / permanent cookies, which are saved on your device for a long period or permanently.

Accepting cookies is not a necessary condition in order to visit our websites. We warn you, however, that the use of the shopping cart function and the order of products are only possible if you authorize the use of cookies.e.

Most of the cookies we use when the browser is closed (session end) are automatically deleted from your hard drive (therefore they are called session-cookies). Session cookies offer you, for example, the shopping cart or login function even if you browse through different pages.ine.

We also use cookies that remain on your hard drive. When you return to our page, the system will automatically recognize that you have already visited us and will store your favorite data and settings. The only goal of these cookies is to adapt our offer to your needs as a customer and to make browsing as comfortable as possible.

Your name, your IP address and similar data that could lead to your person will never be used. On the basis of the cookie technology we only receive information in the form of a pseudonym or anonymously, for example about which products are most visited, which products are most viewed, etc.

In your browser you can set that you want to accept the saving of cookies only on request.

If you intend to accept Lakshmi cookies, but not the cookies of our service companies and our partners (such as Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter, HotJar, Active Campaign), in your browser you can select the setting block the third party cookies.โ€.
Normally in the menu of your web browser, in the support section, you can see how to reject new cookies and disable existing cookies. In the case of shared computers set up in such a way as to accept cookies and flash cookies, we recommend that you always log out completely after use.

The following table illustrates the cookies used by our site:

Facebook third party 1 month The fr cookie saves the browser id and an encrypted version of the Facebook identity of the logged in user.
Facebook session 1 month Used by Facebook to deliver a variety of advertising products such as real-time offers from third party advertisers.
Google Analytics third party 1 day Used by Google Analytics to limit the frequency of requests.
Google Maps third party 1 month Unique identifier for the features required by Google maps geographic maps.
Translations session 1 year This identifier is used to keep the user session variables and in particular to memorize the navigation language in order to deliver the contents in the chosen language.

At the following links you will find detailed information on how to set the browser you use.

Lakshmi reminds you that, based on Article 7 of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, no. 196 and subsequent GDPR, there is the right to ask those who use these solutions to delete the information collected through cookies at any time.

Through the site, some social networks, if you give your consent, will be able to process your personal data to allow you a browsing experience enriched with social network features and services. Below is the list with the link to the cookie policies..