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Wellness experiences with Lakshmi's professional and natural cosmetics.

Lakshmi: the sustainable choice for your beauty. Our professional and natural cosmetics promote a culture of sustainability, with ingredients sourced from Mother Nature and a philosophy of environmental respect.

Franco Canteri's Podcast

Have you ever meditated? We recommend listening to our podcast to learn how to meditate, using pure essential oils diffused in the environment.

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Diksha Green

Nourish your body, cultivate your mind, and connect with the life force of nature.

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Our Books

Explore a curated collection of books that will take you on a journey through holistic well-being and natural beauty with Lakshmi. Unleash your curiosity and enrich your life with ancient and modern wisdom.

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Our Mission

Spreading love for Mother Nature through beauty rituals with continuously evolving organic products.

Our Products

Lakshmi's natural cosmetics are plant-based, reliable, and effective.

BIO Certification

Lakshmi products are certified by AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture).


We don't use parabens, petroleum derivatives, animal components, or chemical preservatives.

AIAB Certified Products

We believe that anything that offends Mother Earth affects us in many ways.

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