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Your body deserves special care. Lakshmi's Kumari ritual includes the best firming treatments for the body, ideal for rejuvenating and toning the skin. Imagine toned, hydrated skin, free from stretch marks. With our firming body creams, this dream can become a reality.

    Body firming products from the Kumari ritual: a synergy for firming

    Lakshmi's Kumari ritual includes three key products created to offer a complete solution to skin firming: the Breast/Body Firming Cream, the Stretch Mark Prevention Adjuvant Oil and the Breast/Body Firming Ampoule.

    Breast/Body Firming Cream

    This emulsion gives tone, firmness and firmness to tired and relaxed skin. Its effectiveness is due to the combination of marine and plant active ingredients, such as Meristotheca dakarensis and Jania rubens extracts, millet, flaxseed and oat extracts, and vegetable oils and shea butter. It prevents and counteracts the relaxation of the tissues to which it restores elasticity and tone.

    Adjuvant Oil for Stretch Mark Prevention

    This oil is rich in active ingredients with strong elasticising, repairing and protective properties, which prevent and reduce the risk of the appearance of stretch marks and visibly reduce those that have recently formed. Its formula contains wheat germ oil, argan, sunflower, jojoba, rose hip and essential oils of lavender, ylang ylang, bitter orange and patchouli.

    Breast/Body Firming Ampoule

    These vials are the bump treatment of the line. They act through a mix of microalgae and anti-sagging polysaccharides which enhance the elasticity and tone of the tissues. Ideal after weight loss, pregnancy or at the time of menopause, they quickly improve the firmness of the skin with a visible tightening effect.

    The Kumari line: the effectiveness of nature against cellulite and sagging skin

    The products in the Kumari line have been developed to work in synergy, offering a complete treatment for skin in need of firming. Their natural ingredients stimulate collagen production, keeping the skin hydrated and resistant. Each product in the Kumari line acts specifically to slim and tone problem areas, improving the firmness and elasticity of the skin and effectively fighting cellulite.

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