Our commitment
to honor Mother Earth.

One ritual at a time, every day, throughout the entire supply chain.

The culture of sustainability

It's taking care of yourself, others and the planet: not just recycling.

Discover how our sustainable beauty is a resource for the good of the Earth and Man.

We invite you to be aware of how each of our choices embodies the concept of sustainable beauty .

Our Policy

It is against any form of greenwashing, a widespread phenomenon that sees many companies giving themselves a false sustainable image because it is a market trend.

Our green projects are transparent and verifiable. Discover them in our goals.

What's Next?

Are you curious to know what we are working on?

Want to know more about the ingredients and packaging behind your favorite products?

Here are the goals we will achieve by 2030.

Where possible, all lines in recycled plastic and glass will be monomaterial. This choice simplifies the waste disposal process.

Increasing the culture of sustainability through new environments for people who work with us: we embrace the concepts on which the healing organization is based.

Installing a large photovoltaic system in our VerdeVita laboratory in Tuscany, which will produce 200 kWh of clean energy: the goal is to cover the entire demand for the production of our product lines.

Lakshmi wants to help the La Casa di Leo association and the young patients undergoing treatment in Bergamo affected by serious illnesses and hosted in its facility, thereby also supporting the mothers and fathers accompanying their children through the treatment process. How? Brick by brick, drop by drop of essential oil. La Casa di Leo has helped over 150 families since it opened in 2018, but the facility needs to be expanded: unfortunately, the requests are always numerous and there is no more space. To do this, your help is also needed: because together we can do a lot. In addition to donating cleaning products to La Casa di Leo for the hosted families, Lakshmi will create custom-made essential oil kits for the project, which you too can purchase, becoming a Donor. 10% of the proceeds from the sale of the Kits will be used to expand the facility. In this way, you will symbolically adopt one or more bricks, supporting La Casa di Leo and helping the young patients of the Pediatric Center and their families!

Learn more on the dedicated page: CLICK HERE

By achieving this status, we will have the legal certification of our ongoing commitment to operate not only for profit but also for the well-being of the planet and the community.

We are promoters of a trend of "collective consciousness" that goes beyond the concept of competition. Our goal is for market demand to be for a healthy and natural product that respects Mother Earth through new collaborations with companies that share the same purpose. We want to be a model for all companies in the beauty industry, so that not only Lakshmi, but all other entities, undergo internal transformation and evolution to produce cosmetics in a healthy and ecological manner.

Creating an interactive map accessible to everyone, so that one can transparently trace back to the origin of the active ingredients contained in our products.

Autonomous production of bottles and screen printing.

Bottles and screen printing produced directly in our headquarters, independently. This way, we will avoid putting trucks and trailers on the road, contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

Lakshmi's commitment to finding solutions to the climate crisis is also reflected in TEDx events. We have accepted to be a partner at TEDxMilano COUNTDOWN in the November 2021 edition, with which we share the same objectives. COUNTDOWN is a global initiative that identifies the most effective and concrete ideas and actions to make our planet safer, cleaner, and fairer, thus accelerating the implementation of solutions to the climate crisis.