Swollen feet remedies: the Pada ritual

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Have you ever experienced the sensation of swollen, heavy, and painful feet? The answer to your problems is called Pada. This beauty ritual, designed to counter ankle swelling and fluid retention, brings a feeling of lightness and well-being to your feet. Pada is the natural remedy we recommend for addressing these issues.

    Pada ritual products: a synergistic solution

    The Pada ritual includes two main products: the Anti-Fatigue Foot Cream and the Pada Detoxifying Foot Scrub Salts.

    Anti-fatigue foot cream

    The Anti-Fatigue Foot Cream is a specific treatment formulated to counteract fatigue and pain in the feet. This product contains natural ingredients, such as shea butter, vegetable sugars and olive oil extracts, which nourish and hydrate the skin. A key ingredient is PENTAVITINยฎ, a patented vegetable sugar, which hydrates the skin continuously for 72 hours and helps maintain constant hydration. Furthermore, it contains urea and salicylic acid, which have an ultra-treating, emollient effect and softens calluses. Finally, the extracts of ginger, cardamom, mint, thyme, tea tree and lemon act in synergy to provide relief and give a long-lasting sensation of freshness.

    Salt for Pada Detoxifying Foot Scrub

    Pada Detoxifying Foot Scrub Salts are an exfoliating product designed to leave the skin of the feet softer and smoother. Enriched with Epsom salts and a precious blend of Licorice, Mint, Milk Thistle, Eucalyptus, Cardamom, Tea Tree and Ginger extracts, this delicate exfoliant effectively eliminates dead cells leaving the skin refined and regenerated. When mixed with Pada cream, an intensive peeling is obtained which helps to refresh the skin and make it soft and uniform.

    Tips for using Pada products

    For best results, we recommend using Pada Anti-Fatigue Foot Cream and Pada Detoxifying Foot Scrub Salts together, as part of your daily foot care ritual. These products can help not only reduce swelling and pain in the feet, but also prevent these problems thanks to their hydrating and nourishing effect on the skin. Remember, the key to keeping your feet healthy and happy is a holistic approach that includes both the use of quality products and daily foot care.

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