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Lakshmi essential oils are more than just aromas: they represent a journey of wellness. Each natural essential oil is a concentrated source of vitality, extracted from plants and flowers through distillation or pressing processes. Use them for inhalations, baths, massages, wraps, or internal consumption and discover their benefits.

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    81 products

    What are essential oils?

    Essential oils are volatile substances extracted from plants through steam distillation or pressing processes. They contain the pure essence of plants, their benefits and their aromatic properties. These oils represent the pure essence of nature and can be used in a variety of ways to promote physical and mental well-being.

    How can essential oils be taken?

    Lakshmi essential oils can be used in several ways:

    • Internally: Some essential oils can be taken internally, but it is always important to follow the directions on the product label and consult an expert before doing so. They can be used to support digestive health, the immune system, and much more.
    • Externally: Essential oils can be applied to the skin, always diluted in a carrier oil, to benefit from their properties. They can be used for massages, compresses, and skin treatments.
    • Inhalations and baths: Essential oils can be used to make inhalations, very useful in case of respiratory problems, or added to bath water for a moment of relaxation and well-being.

    The multiple problems that essential oils can solve

    Essential oils are powerful allies for our well-being. Here are some of the problems that can help solve:

    Amenorrhea and Dysmenorrhea

    Essential oils can support the female hormone system and help manage menstrual disorders such as amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea.

    Anxiety and Depression

    Thanks to their relaxing and calming properties, essential oils can help manage anxiety and depression.

    Osteoarthritis and Muscle Pain

    Used in massages or compresses, essential oils can help relieve osteoarthritis symptoms and muscle pain.

    Asthma and Bronchitis

    Used in inhalations or diffused in the environment, essential oils can support the respiratory system and help manage the symptoms of asthma and bronchitis.

    Candida and Cystitis

    Some essential oils, such as tea tree, have antimicrobial properties and can be used as an aid in the treatment of infections such as candida and cystitis.

    Concentration and Study

    Essential oils, such as rosemary or orange, can help improve concentration and promote study and learning ability.

    Depression and Insomnia

    Lavender and chamomile essential oils, known for their relaxing properties, can help manage symptoms of depression and insomnia.

    Difficulty verbalizing and language problems

    The use of essential oils in combination with relaxation and meditation techniques can support verbal expression and help overcome speech problems.

    Hypertension and Hypotension

    Essential oils can help manage stress, a major factor in hypertension. Additionally, some oils can help balance blood pressure.

    Muscle Pain and Hemorrhoids

    Essential oils, such as eucalyptus or cedar, applied topically can help relieve muscle pain. Some essential oils can also relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

    Energy Cleaning and Water Retention

    Essential oils, diffused in the environment or used in baths and compresses, can contribute to the energetic cleansing of the environment and the body, as well as supporting the lymphatic system in the case of water retention.


    Inhaling essential oils such as eucalyptus or tea tree can help soothe coughs, thanks to their expectorant properties.

    Always remember that essential oils do not replace medical treatment, but can be used to support general well-being. It is always recommended to consult an expert before use.

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