Welcome to the NETRA HAMSA multisensory Ritual.

Discover the line through the five senses and let yourself be guided through them, for a totalizing experience of well-being, harmony and rebalancing. Take your time: the key to beauty lies within you, right there, at the root of your emotions. 

+ Hearing

Listen the silence and the words, the beat of your heart, your breath. Get in touch with the subtle energy of the Universe and bring the light inside you with Netra Hamsa meditation.

Listen to it in the cabin and at home during the ritual. Nothing around you can distract you. Netra Hamsa meditation envelops you in a safe nest, which resonates and reverberates throughout your being.

Download the tracks for meditation:

+ Smell

Let yourself be wrapped by the scent of essential oils: they are the soul of plants, the secret preserved by Mother Nature.

During the ritual, at home and in the cabin, diffuse the essential oil Ravensare in the room. Discover its essence and its magical power and let yourself be guided. Ravensare recalls pleasant memories, images of the past that were believed to be lost while they were simply hidden in a corner of the mind. Powerful antiseptic, the essential oil of Ravensare sweeps away stagnant air and recurring negative thoughts.

+ Sight

Symbols and colors become powerful spiritual amulets that have always accompanied humanity, since the dawn of time.

Netra’s color, turquoise, symbolizes strength and has a calming effect, both from a psychological and physical point of view. It is the color of tranquility. Open the Netra box and cut out the Hand of Fatima printed on the box. It is also known as Hamsa: a word that symbolizes the number 5 and has a sacred value. Hamsa is linked to the female divinity and to the cult of the fertility of Mother Earth. At its center, there is an eye, in Sanskrit β€œNetra”: your eyes are the mirror of the soul, a gateway to your interiority. Because the eyes speak and they speak about you.

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+ Touch

Hands that run smoothly over your face. Wise and patient hands, which caress, smooth, regenerate.

Get the best from the draining massage of the Netra Hamsa ritual, through the touch of skilled hands that stimulate new energies, bringing light and freshness. Physiologically, our eye area is the thinnest and most delicate area of our body, which we move constantly: when we laugh we use 12 muscles and when we pout 72 muscles are involved. Our eyes express what we are, today more than ever, also speaking for our smile hidden by the mask. They are, more and more, the mirror of our soul.

+ Taste

Enjoy a moment of taste and well-being: taste the Tisama Lakshmi Immunostress.

Finish your ritual pampering your entire body. Rich in antioxidants, this special herbal tea naturally increases the immune system. It is a food supplement based on Muira Puama and Damiana, which act as an adaptogenic tonic, and Echinacea, Astragolo and Eleutherococcus, useful for promoting the body’s natural defenses