Look at the mandala embossed on the packaging of your Garshan Slim product.

Inspired by Yantra Ganesh, the divinity who breaks down the walls of difficulties, this mandala invites you not to worry excessively and to be anxious, but to enjoy the "here and now". Observing this Mandala for a few seconds will help you focus on yourself lightly and without apprehension, experiencing only the beauty of this path in which you will improve your physical form. The Mandala suggests you not to be dazzled by unattainable aesthetic standards that do not belong to you, but to realize your uniqueness, your harmony, your well-being, without being distracted by others. Find your balance, step by step, at your own pace. You are wonderful, and it is not the centimeters or the kilos that decide it.


Work on your critical points, massaging your Garshan Slim with circular movements until it is absorbed, but also with exercises tailored to your type of cellulite. Do it with your personal trainer, directly to your home… we will give it to you! Targeted and calibrated exercises, which everyone can perform at their own pace. These exercises, combined with self-care at home and a healthy diet, will allow you to sculpt your body and achieve the results you have set yourself faster.


Breathe in, breathe out. Take three slow, deep breaths, smelling the lemon essential oil. This essential oil, which recalls male energy, is able to stimulate your analytical and concentration skills: this will help you achieve your remodeling and well-being goals more effectively. Also put it in diffusion at home, 10 drops in the diffuser or in the essence burner. Lemon essential oil attracts good people. Useful for learning and for the writer, it helps to reflect clearly and is against physical and mental burden.


Discover the Tisama Slim, with its aromatic and genuine taste, that recall the herbs of the mountain meadows on a summer day. A food supplement that helps you achieve your goals from the inside, activating your metabolism, based on plant extracts of Matè, Green Tea and Fucus, useful for promoting the balance of body weight, the drainage of liquids and to stimulate metabolism. You can dilute Tisama Slim in one and a half liters of water, starting with one scoop per day, up to a maximum of 3 scoops in one and a half liters of water to drink during the day. The slimming action of the plants contained in this herbal tea is truly complete, to ensure a state of general well-being. If you have thyroid problems, replace it with Tisama Dren Kapha instead.


Listen to a 60s - 70s playlist: turn on "Woodstock" in your living room or in your gym-room and release all your energy and joy that is within you! Your type of cellulite, hard and localized mainly under the crease of the buttock, belongs to the Vata dosha, which is lively, bubbly, cheeky and unconventional. Do the exercises with our personal trainer! Dance, free yourself, be ironic. That's where you need to go back to your energy. The unconventional music of the 70s will help you free yourself from your own patterns, to live well the changes and to accept those that you cannot avoid in a positive way.

Best song: "She's a Rainbow", Rolling Stones.