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    Soft to the touch, not too thin, sometimes mixed skin? But is it also delicate and sensitive? Are you intolerant to the sun? Is it easy for sunburn and rashes? Does it stain easily? It is hyper-reactive skin:does it itch, itch, burn? Do"NO"moments manifest themselves with rashes, pimples, blackheads? Are you prone to congestion, rosacea, rosacea?


    Ensures non-stop hydration for 24 hours. Skin protection against extreme climatic conditions. After 30 minutes of application, tests show a 21% reduction in irritation and congestion and an improvement in hydration. Immediate reduction of that unpleasant sensation of"tightening skin". Tired and tight skin becomes relaxed and fresh again. Plumping effect, small wrinkles visibly relax.

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