Welcome to the SUNFLOWER REBIRTH multisensory Ritual.

Discover the line through the five senses and let yourself be guided through them, for a totalizing experience of well-being, harmony and rebalancing. Take your time: the key to beauty lies within you, right there, at the root of your emotions. 

+ Listen

LISTEN TO the harmony of Surya Rebirth composed at 432HZ, the sound of the Universe, the most beautiful, the most intense and the deepest. The message of Harmony, thanks to this particular frequency used by Mozart and Verdi, is conveyed and strengthened by the same harmonic waves that carry it. We are all instruments: the choice of what we want to transmitt and receive from the universe depends on each of us.


+ Smell

SMELL the notes of Surya Rebirth, from application to the end of the day. A cream that reveals fresh, soft and delicate olfactory notes, starting with fragrances of the Head notes, which caress the senses gracefully thanks to the delicacy of peony, the freshness of melon and peach, and the sparkling note of mandarin.

The heat of the body will release the Heart notes throughout the day: a secret garden where tuberoses, violets, jasmine, freesias blossom, and finally, a fruity scent of plum.

The precious Base notes will be revealed only with the end of the day, with distant and exotic echoes: cedar wood, musk, vanilla.

+ Look

LOOK at the Mandala that this cream brings you as a gift. Among the oldest and most powerful spiritual symbols in the world, the Mandala is adopted by many cultures and religions. Each Mandala is unique and unrepeatable. The Mandala Surya Rebirth has a circular geometric shape: it symbolizes perfection, rebirth, the cycle of life. In the center, the sunflower, like a sun, represents the turning point, the arrival of a new dawn, bright and blessed.

+ Touch

TOUCH your skin, nourish it. The texture of Surya Rebirth Sunflower Cream is light but nourishing, fresh, delicate. Easy to apply, it is easily absorbed giving your skin a soft softness.

+ Taste

TASTE the ideal herbal tea to get energy and well-being: TisAma “Energy” Lakshmi. This TisAma provides a boost of energy that will help you to face the increasingly frenetic pace of life with vitality and optimism. Diluted in water, you can savor “Energy” during the day: based on plant extracts, in particular with eleutherococcus, it acts as an adaptogenic tonic; rosehip has a restorative action.