Welcome to the SOULMAN Multisensory Ritual.

Explore the line through the five senses and allow yourself to be guided through them, for a comprehensive experience of well-being, harmony, and rebalancing. Take the right time: the key to beauty resides within you, right there, at the root of your emotions.

+ Sight

A true gentleman connects with his most sensitive soul: draw inspiration from the green color of the packaging. Rebalancing, healing, evoking hope. It's a symbol of nature and vitality, as well as balance and beauty. Green stabilizes the mind, it's refreshing for the eyes. It symbolizes a new beginning.

+ Touch

Apply SoulCream: take care of yourself by massaging your face with energetic movements and focusing on expression lines to smooth them out with the active ingredients contained in the cream.


Diffuse Sandalwood or Patchouli essential oil. The first stimulates wisdom, the latter virility. Both are admirable qualities in a man: apply a few drops to the sides of your ear as if it were a perfume, and let their power accompany you throughout your day.

+ Gusto

Blueberries, strawberries, apples, and citrus fruits, rich in vitamin C: add these fruits to your diet, which are abundant in flavonoids. You will reduce cholesterol and strengthen microcirculation.


While shaving, play a playlist of nature sounds. Amplify your vibrations, connect with the roots. Before facing a day full of commitments and decisions, stabilize your center of gravity and focus on the sounds of water, leaves, wind, and fire. Primordial, essential sounds that connect you to the Earth. You must be Earth, you must be Fire, you must be Water and Wind. The power of the four elements will be with you throughout the day.