Welcome to the multisensory ritual THE DREAMER CREAM.

Discover the line through the five senses and let yourself be guided by them, for a comprehensive experience of well-being, harmony, and rebalancing. Take the time you need: the key to beauty lies within you, right there, at the root of your emotions.


Visualise your biggest dream. What colours and shape does it have? You don't know? Good! Even if you are not familiar with the art of drawing, take coloured pencils or markers, wax colours or watercolours and let your creativity take over: unleash your imagination and give your dream a colour and shape. Once ready, display the drawing in your favourite part of your home and, for 21 evenings, light a candle before sleeping near your dream and honour it.


Take a bit of The Dreamer Cream and give your body time and attention: thanks to its rich, soft texture, it moisturises even the driest skin for a long time from the very first application. The Almond oil, Shea butter and Cocoa butter, irreplaceable allies for giving tone and softness, will pamper you.


As you apply the cream, inhale deeply through your nose, with rhythmic, slow inhales and exhales. You will smell a citrus scent: this is Litsea essential oil, the essential oil of the Angels. According to traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, this essential oil is used to treat various problems such as stress and anxiety crises. In aromatherapy, it improves mood, helps restore optimism and concentration, calms states of anxiety and soothes sleep disorders. In the Lakshmi Aroma Diffuser, add Litsea essential oil, enhancing the benefit of The Dreamer Cream.


Prepare an aromatherapy infusion with 50% Clary Sage leaves and 50% Melissa officinale leaves: infuse this mixture in boiling water and leave for 5-10 minutes. Drink the infusion preferably in the morning or evening, hot or lukewarm. Anti-stress, anti-aging, anti-depressant, Melissa also improves digestion, while Clary Sage is used to alleviate menopausal complaints, menstrual imbalances, and also to stimulate fertility. The essential oils of these two medicinal plants are contained in The Dreamer Cream.


Give your dream a sound too: create a playlist with the songs or sounds of nature that suit you best and listen to it during the day, or turn up the volume of the music in the evening, during the time you keep the candle lit for the 21-day ritual (keep the candle at a safe distance from any flammable sources). Think of your dream coming true lightly.