Welcome to the CRIO multisensory Ritual.
Discover the line through the five senses and let yourself be guided through them, for a totalizing experience of well-being, harmony and rebalancing. Take your time: the key to beauty lies within you, right there, at the root of your emotions. 

+ Hearing

Did you wear headphones? Well, you are ready! Play your favorite playlist or, if you want some inspiration, choose a tribal music playlist that gives you rhythm. Dance to a tribal rhythm or walk barefoot in the water or, again, on a soft grassy surface, strictly barefoot. Why this? Because the Layers pump is located under your feet. It is a bed of capillaries that forms a sort of triangle and is decisive for the circulation of the foot. By stimulating it, you favor the action of the muscle pump and the consequent return of blood to the upper districts. This is why long sitting times cause stagnation. If you are forced to sit, roll a tennis ball under the sole of your foot while listening to your favorite music, thus stimulating the bed of capillaries which will help you lighten and drain your legs.

+ Smell

Always keep mint or cypress essential oil with you. Diffuse them both and give yourself a nice fresh foot bath in the evening or when you feel the need: take some cleanser and put a drop or two of essential oil of Mint or Cypress, with three or four scoops of Epsom salts. In this way you will enhance your aromatic foot bath.

+ Sight

Take three breaths and observe the mandala on the package giving yourself a few minutes and experimenting with the following short visualization exercise. Focus on everything that brings lightness and freshness. Visualize a feather being lifted by the wind. Visualize the green leaves of the trees moved by a fresh wind and now the mint leaves. Lanceolate, fresh, small, with an unmistakable scent. Visualize an ice-cold drink. Watch the soft drink bubbles make space between the ice cubes, listen to their sparkling noise. Now, visualize the green color. A mint green syrup colors the water in your iced drink. In particular, carefully visualize the cold condensation on the glass and the drops of fresh water that flow to the base of the glass. You are now calm. The feeling of freshness surrounds you, makes you feel good. You are calm, balanced, light.

+ Touch

When you apply the cream perform a movement that simulates the hand that runs on the strings of a harp. Begin this "harp" self-massage from the inside of the foot to the saphenous vein area and then to the groin. Focus on the groin area: apply gentle pressure to pump and help lymphatic and blood flow. Repeat on the other leg. Then proceed starting from the foot again: with your hands try to create a sort of bracelet and slide from the bottom upwards along the entire length of the leg to the groin. Repeat on the other leg and enjoy all the freshness and lightness gained.

+ Taste

If you want a summer drink, use peppermint hydrosol. Dissolve three tablespoons of peppermint hydrosol in a glass jug and add fresh water. Pick up some herbs from your balcony or garden to create an aromatic water: rosemary, lavender, mint, Luigia grass (limoncello). Beautiful to look at, delicious to taste, alone or in company as a non-alcoholic aperitif!