Welcome to the GOOD VIBES multisensory Ritual.

Discover the line through the five senses and let yourself be guided through them, for a totalizing experience of well-being, harmony and rebalancing. Take your time: the key to beauty lies within you, right there, at the root of your emotions. 

+ Hearing

Music is energy! Set the pace for your day with Lakshmi's GOOD VIBES Playlist on Spotify and let positive vibes be the soundtrack to your day.


+ Smell

Diffuse Lakshmi Lemongrass Essential Oil: in addition to purifying the air, it strengthens concentration, clarity and mental freshness. It is useful in the morning, upon awakening, to set the tone. Lemongrass essential oil revives the left side of the brain and consequently supports our analytical sense. If you are a person who reflects too long Lemongrass will bring good vibes into your life!

+ Sight

Choosing the right nuance in your outfits will help you calm anxiety and stress, and increase your good vibes! Wear colors that recharge you: red, to fill up with pure energy, yellow, for a concentration of joy and orange, for a breath of optimism! 

+ Touch

Lightly pat 4 drops of GOOD VIBES serum onto your skin... Like raindrops that fall and refresh the earth in spring! Tap with your fingertips, always very gently, even the neck area to stimulate lymph nodes and circulation.

+ Taste

Fatigue? Sleepiness? Seasonal aches and pains? Tisama Immunostress is perfect for you! It stimulates the immune system giving a burst of energy and reactivating our metabolism at all levels.